Why IQRA ?

We provide the children an excellent atmosphere with which they enrich themselves. We have very good building at the safest locality with all the basic facilities.

We also provide them Visual Education with practical knowledge. Emphasis is also given to incorporate leadership quality, training to body and mind. Religious education is provided for Muslim students and Moral instruction for others.

About IQRA School

Iqra English High School has been established by The Almighty Trust, in the year 2006.

Our Salient features :

Compulsory Islamic Studies / Moral Instructions :

Iqra English School aims to provide excellent education with great emphasis on moral instruction. Muslim students will be taught compulsory Arabic language and Islamic teaching while non-Muslim students will be taught moral instructions in general.

Muslim students will be trained to recite Quran with correct pronunciation with in the school hours. Our students need not spare extra time going to Madrasa to learn Quran. Basic Islamic principles will also be taught progressively which includes Hadhees, History of Islam, and life of prophet, Life of Sahaba etc., An exclusive syllabus has been framed by experts in this field. Students will be made to memorize important Duas.

Medical Checkup :

A complete Periodical Medical checkup is conducted to all the students with special care. Future course of plans (In Sha Allah) : Expansion of classes upto +2 with necessary infrastructure. To conduct various programme periodiacally such as exhibitions, seminars to bring out the talent of the students. To conduct classes in Psychology, memory retention, personality development, etc. by experts.

About The Almighty Trust

Committed and service minded brothers and sisters, businessmen and Islamic scholars have established this trust The following are the objectives of the trust. To impart education and training for eradication of illiteracy and strive for hundred percent literacy by establishing, endowing, maintaining, controlling and managing schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

To start, establish, conduct, maintain and arrange reading rooms, libraries, digital libraries both audio and video, workshops for training. To give loans, scholarships, prizes and assistance in cash or kind to deserving students.

To provide proper training to the students for introspection in the light of the teachings of Quran and the tradition of our beloved prophet Muhammed (peace be upon on him) for the purpose of correcting and purifying their character.

To initiate and encourage the students to set and achieve highest moral standard and exemplify themselves as the best and model citizen of India. To encourage and help the students to have a real and natural quest for knowledge and develop originality and creative thinking.

To provide help and financial assistance to the poor, needy and deserving students of Muslim community.